Employers & Key Quotes

"HSBC UK is committed to creating a greener, fitter, healthier Britain inspiring 2m people to ride. Our focus is on grassroots participation encouraging and supporting colleagues, customers and communities to get back on their bikes.

Our support for Cycling Works for Birmingham is that we believe bringing employers together in the city with the common purpose of improving the cycling environment for our employees and the communities they and our customers live in, is a key step in achieving that goal."

"Kier Highways, West Midlands, as part of their sustainability initiatives supports and encourages its employees to cycle to work and understand the importance of the infrastructure required to allow this. This is also particularly timely for Birmingham Clean Air Zone implementation."
"This is exactly the sort of partnership initiative RoSPA loves to support, and is important to us for so many reasons – as a responsible local employer, as a national safety organisation and enthusiastic proponent of safe and active travel, and as a provider of transport-related consultancy, training and qualifications."
"As a charity dedicated to plants, people and sustainable stewardship of our planet’s resources, Birmingham Botanical Gardens is a passionate supporter of sustainable transport and the bike!"
"Groundwork is a community charity with the environment at its heart. We understand that big global issues, such as the economy and the environment, have a big local impact. We fully support any initiative to promote cycling, particularly when used as an alternative to more polluting forms of transport, such as driving. Our Birmingham office is based next to the canal on a cycle route, so we would welcome any initiatives to encourage as many of our staff as possible to feel confident enough to cycle to work on a regular basis." - Joe Osborne, Partnership Officer, Groundwork
"The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital is a huge advocate of health and wellbeing, for out staff, our community and the people we care for. We have always supported cycle-to-work schemes through promoting cycling, cycling initiatives, providing information and encouraging staff to learn more about the health and environmental benefits of cycling. Our hospital is home to many keen cyclists who run a Trust Cycling Club and represent us in the Birmingham Velo.​ We will continue to encourage our staff to cycle because it's such an easy and common-sense way to improve health and wellbeing, reduce emissions and contribute to a cleaner, greener Birmingham."
“We are delighted to support the Cycling Works for Birmingham campaign and as a charity we offer a cycle-to-work scheme to our staff. Through our Sense Sports programme we also continuously work on making sport, including cycling, accessible to people with complex disabilities. Our vision is that no one should be isolated, left out or unable to fulfil their potential – and we believe that sport and physical activity has an important role to play in enhancing the overall physical and mental wellbeing of people.”
"Sustrans is a national charity making it easier for people to walk and cycle. We believe that a vibrant, successful city is one that enables people to move and travel by foot or on bike. We have our regional office in Birmingham, and encourage our staff to lead happier, healthier lives by cycling to work. We fully endorse Cycling Works and see it as a way to bring together a voice from the business community to help establish well connected, safe cycling infrastructure. Through our Bike Life report we found that 73% of people thought Birmingham would be a better place to live and work if more people cycled and 79% of residents support building more protected roadside cycle lanes, even when this could mean less space for other traffic."
“We’re fully backing the employer led campaign Cycling Works for Birmingham – which is a great initiative to get Brum on bikes and promotes the health and wellbeing of people in our city. With the Velo, new cycle lanes and the Clean Air Zone being introduce in the coming years its vital that employers are supporting campaigns like this for the benefit of the region.”
“Our mission at Birmingham Dogs Home is to rescue, reunite and rehome stray and abandoned dogs in the West Midlands and the city and the people of Birmingham are very special to us. That’s why we’re supporting Cycling Works for Birmingham as a really fabulous initiative that brings huge benefits to us individually, to our community and to the environment.”
"The Cairn Hotel Group have invested £15M into The Holiday Inn Birmingham City and The BCEC over the last 3 years and we are delighted to be supporting our team with the National Cycle To Work Scheme which a number of our team take advantage of. We are delighted to be supporting ‘Cycling Works for Birmingham’ to help create a safer, greener future for our employees and the citizens of our great City."
"APEC Architects Limited is fully behind the Cycling Works for Birmingham initiative. As a practice, we encourage our employees to cycle and use other forms of sustainable transport as much as possible; both in commuting to work and travelling to clients and sites. 80% of our employees never or rarely use private vehicles to get to work. Better infrastructure and facilities across the city, as promoted by Cycling Works, would help us further improve cycling as the main form of transport used by APEC employees."