Employers from across the finance, technology, creative, education and healthcare sectors support the need for high-quality protected and segregated cycle ways in Birmingham.

Employee demand

Our employees cycle and they deserve appropriate infrastructure. The quality and availability of workplace cycling influences the career decisions of many employees. 

Just 3% of people in Birmingham cycle to work. 81 % of people would like to see more money spent on cycling.

Reduced congestion

41% of journeys under 2 miles in the West Midlands are made by car.

Transferring some of those journeys will help reduce congestion on crowded train and bus routes, especially at peak times. That means we can all get more done.


Healthy lifestyles

Birmingham’s workers work hard and are short of time. Fitting exercise into a daily commutes makes for healthier, more productive teams.

A world-class city

In recent years, major world cities like New York, Copenhagen and Paris have used cycling facilities to improve their citizens’ lives. Closer to home, London and Manchester have unveiled ambitious plans. This is Birmingham’s chance to do the same.

Our environment

We love this city. We want to be able to walk, eat, and laugh on its streets. Poor air quality and noise pollution affect businesses as well as residents.

Supporting retailers

Cyclists and pedestrians spend more money in local retailers than drivers do. Increasing cycling will help support the small businesses that help our city to thrive.


Cycling Works for Birmingham is a group of organisations calling for sustained cycling infrastructure investment across Birmingham in order for their employees, customers and students to travel safely throughout the city. These organisations also actively encourage and support cycling as a sustainable means of transport.

There has never been a better time to support cycling in the city.

Congestion, air pollution and obesity are currently big issues challenging Birmingham. Roads are already jammed and trains packed at rush hour. The Clean Air Zone (CAZ) will also have an impact on the type of vehicles permitted within the city centre.

£60m has already been spent on cycling through Birmingham Cycle Revolution with new, safer cycleways on the A34 and A38 set to open in 2019, and an improved network on the canals and in parks.

Cycling is good for Birmingham businesses. We are asking for employers to promote cycling and support those who wish to cycle to their place of work. Benefits to employers include:

  • Reduced parking costs
  • Fitter/happier staff
  • Lateness and sickness reduced
  • Gives organisations a greener image
  • Attractive to millennials
  • Reduction in pollution
  • Makes the city more attractive

We are asking for continued investment in Birmingham cycling infrastructure: £25m per year for the next 5 years (or £20 per head per year). We are a city-wide voice to lobby for infrastructure, share ideas / facilities, as well as providing a community for staff who cycle.